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Member Testimonials

"Joined the Chamber recently and went to the orientation meeting yesterday. I was skeptical as first when signing up but after yesterday’s meeting I was very impressed with this program. They create tremendous opportunities to meet fellow local business owners, network, education and grow your business through this program. Can’t wait to get involved and create deep roots for our business in Coral Springs!"

Justin Ziegler, Owner

Hard Exercise Works

"The Nextgen Young Professionals group has been a rewarding experience. Interacting with so many other young professionals, from divierse backgrounds and different areas of expertise has added to my own professional and personal development. At every Nextgen event, I am guaranteed to walk away with new knowledge or an opportunity to build a friendship with a fellow young professional. I highly recommend that all young professionals inquire about joining NextGen"

Joshua Simmons, Educator

Coral Springs High School

"Being a member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, is a wonderful experience and great opportunity to build relationships with other business professionals. Anyone not taking advantage of a chamber membership is definitely missing a chance to really let the community know who you are and what you do. I have made great connections and even better, many great friends. Thank you to everyone on the chamber board for making it all possible!"

Lynn Lessell, Owner


"The Coral Springs Regional Chamber really exemplifies how a chamber should be.  Membership has positively impacted me, and I have gained new friends and business partnerships.   There are many activities and committees with which one can become involved – you just need to find which is your passion.  I strongly recommend this chamber to anyone who owns a business or want to grow their business and get involved in the community."

Donna Denton, AmTrust Bank, A Division of NYCB

"In the year and half that our company has been in the Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce, we have reached more people, made more significant contacts throughout the City and built more friendships than we ever would have been able to make without it.

The support that our Company has received from the Chamber has been unparalleled and critical to the growth of The Bin Doctor.  We are forever grateful for the professionalism and effectiveness of the Chamber and couldn't recommend it more strongly!"

Spiro Edgos, The Bin Doctor

"Our company Blue Stream has been a member of the Coral Springs Chamber for 21 years. We have had nothing but a great experience as we have been able to meet and work closely with so many businesses in Coral Springs community which has benefitted all parties. The Chambers employees have been so accommodating and have made our time and the chamber both fun and rewarding from a business perspective. I highly recommend any business to get involved with the chamber so you can experience a similar experience and business growth. Please feel to reach out with any questions that you may have."

- Ray Carballo, Blue Stream Communications

"The Coral Springs Chamber has been a tremendous resource, which has connected me with leaders in the community, allowing me to network while promoting my business. The staff is engaging and responsive, and provides assistance every time I ask."

- Donna Denton
AmTrust Bank, A division of New York Community Bank

"It has been a pleasure to work with friends that I have met at the Chamber! Mike Del Pozo of DP Window Cleaning did a fantastic job on our windows, and was kind enough to do the job himself! Mary Ann and Jack Kuhn, of Kuhn Carpet & Tile are installing new carpet in our entire home. It is such a pleasure to work with friends who do a superior job!"

- Phyllis Taylor
Carolina Club

"The Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce has been worthwhile for many reasons, from getting to know so many great people in both their businesses and as friends, members’ involvement in committees, the programs they offer with great speakers and city officials, as well as networking opportunities for every type of business, large or small. It's a large chamber with a family feel!"

- Connie Carberg
Al Hendrickson Toyota

"The Trustee Reception was a great success!  I found value in hosting the reception at our site.  It provided an opportunity for Baptist Health leadership to network in an intimate setting and to showcase our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.  We were so pleased 100% of the guest went on a tour. This is exactly what we had hoped for! I heard from several people during the tour, “I had no idea this was so big” and “I didn’t realize I could get a MRI here, if I would have known, I would have come here” and “It’s great that they are open seven days a week”. Thank you for the opportunity to host the Trustee Reception, count us in for next year!  Many thanks to the Trustees who attended, we are so grateful and look forward to building our relationship!"

Karen N. Holmes
Baptist Health South Florida

"I have a success story to share with you.  Remember the Chamber for Good meeting that I presented at?  A lady named Michelle Reese came up to me to introduce herself and to tell me that she had made many referrals to Tomorrow's Rainbow.  We spoke a bit before the meeting and then walked each other to our cars afterward.  It turns out, that she is a highly skilled non-profit executive that was currently looking for her next career opportunity.  Here comes the good part...Michelle Reese is now the acting COO at Tomorrow's Rainbow and the first step in a very long process of succession planning for our organization.  Yahooooooo!!!

Don't you just love a Chamber success story??? Thanks so much to you both for your constant support of Tomorrow's Rainbow."

Abby Mosher, Owner

Tomorrow's Rainbow

"I just joined last month! Cindy and her team are awesome. The networking and the opportunity to help build business and community is great. Everyone i met have been very gracious
and I am excited about the future, looking forward to great things."

Angella Fleming, Owner

Divaz Shoe Palace

"The Coral Springs Regional Chamber has continuously shown support for DECA throughout the years. The partnership that has formed between our school and the Chamber is such a vital component to our success. The Chamber has contributed to our success not only financially, but in many other ways. The Chamber participated in our annual Shark Tank by acting as our judges, or "Sharks" and soon will repair our juniors for their internships with mock interviews. Members of the Chamber have also assisted in helping our students for competition by practicing with them or on roleplay nights. The Chamber has shown us unwavering support and dedication throughout the years, and without the Chamber, we would not have been able to achieve any of our amazing successes."

Lexi Tracton, Student

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

"The Chamber has given me a lot of value from my membership.
Business Contacts, Friends and The Chamber Perks don't hurt either."

Mitch Summer, Owner

Minute Marketing Productions

"NEXTgen has helped me form great relationships with young professionals in the community through the monthly networking events and the Leads Group.  These professionals are growing their own businesses but are also invested in helping other members grow and to build strong relationships as well."

Derek Alexander, CPA

Pinchevsky & Mofsen, CPA's

"Being a part of the Coral Springs Regional Chamber has been a valuable tool to help grow and promote business. CSRC offer a number of networking opportunities, as well as educational programs, to help owners develop their business. They not only give small businesses a voice in government but also help connect members with the community.  It’s not just about building businesses it’s also about building relationships and giving back to the community. I loved being involved and so pleased with the integration and partnership with Coconut Creek Council."

Tracy LautomneSeminole Casino Coconut Creek

"In the short seven months I’ve been a member of the chamber, I have built some great lasting relationships.  It’s imperative to get involved and to give back.  I believe this has led to our growth and success.  This chamber is very well ran and they support those who support their mission.

Leandro Figuereo

Performance Title Inc.

"I have been an active member of the Coral Springs chamber since June of 2017. In that time I have not felt more welcomed than any chamber I have been a part of. I had members willing to support me and make me feel welcomed. As I started meeting more members at different events my passion grew to not only support this organization but its members as well. I decided to become an Ambassador for the chamber in the fall of 2017 and it has allowed me present this great chamber and also to welcome and mentor new members. My experience has been a positive one from the chambers involvement with in the community along with the being very well organized. I have also been able grow the chamber personally by referring several new members as well. I look forward to working with this great chamber for a very long time."

Ray Emamali, PNC Bank

"I go to many different Chambers of Commerce and other business networking groups in Broward County, but the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce is by far the best! Cindy and Amanda do an amazing job of not just recruiting new members of the business and non-profit community, but they and the Chamber in general are warm, friendly, and willing to help and share resources with everyone. This Chamber offers something for everyone. For profits, not-for-profits (their Chamber for Good), Women's groups, Spanish speaking groups and events that cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their Wake-Up Breakfast should not be missed! The events are fun, informative, and the food is good too. The Chamber community at large should take a page from what these ladies are doing, because it is working!"

- Christina Disbrow
Broward Housing Solutions

"I know I can speak for my chapter when I say the Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce has greatly improved and made a profound impact on my DECA experience thus far and I cannot wait to see how our partnership grows in the future. With the Chamber's help, our biggest goals and more are possible. On behalf of Stoneman Douglas, thank you."

Alexis Sealy, Student

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

"Proud that my business, Coral Springs Academy of Dance, is a part of it!"

Christina Harris, Owner

Coral Springs Academy of Dance

"As a new resident in the Coral Springs area, having moved from Philadelphia, one of my first actions was find a strong Chamber of Commerce. I joined the Coral Springs Regional Chamber in February 2017 and have been thrilled ever since. This is one of the most acitve and vibrant, not to mention, welcoming organizations. From the moment I walked into my first breakfast event, I was welcomed by Chamber Ambassadors. They made sure I was aware of upcoming events. Several invitations were extended to attend the networking groups and community groups.

Expanding a business in a new area is not always easy, however the Coral Springs Regional Chamber made my relocation so much easier. I am pleased to say that this chamber has not only afforded great exposure for my travel business, but has also been a source of new and dear friendships. My membership has been invaluable and I look forward to being a member of this organization for many years to come and I encourage others to join us!"

Adrienne Sasson, The Travel Specialist at Rubinsohn Travel

"Joining the  Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce was an essential marketing decision for our firm.  The relationships that we have made with the business community here have been immeasurable! In fact, not only do we receive regular referrals from other chamber members, we have been able to pass referrals along as well.  It is a great feeling when you know other business members in the community.  We highly recommend joining the chamber."

Andrea Jacobs, Esq.

Brodzki Jacobs & Brook

"I have been a member of the Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce for 10 years and have served as an Ambassador, Board of Directors and the Chair of Chamber for Good.  Chamber membership and involvement brought a credibility and visibility that allowed me to reach greater success within my profession and personally. The connections I have made would not have been possible without the Chamber, the relationships I built have developed into lasting friendships."

Debbie Oistacher, M.S., Ed.

Career Placement Facilitator, Atlantic Technical College

"After joining the Chamber, we have realized growth in our business and business relationships. We have also been exposed through the Chamber to other worthy groups that they partner with such as DECA, AOF, and NAF Track. I have strongly recommended and will continue to recommend membership with the Chamber."

-Roger Schalk
Florida Management and Consulting Group

"You have to participate in order to obtain the best desired results. "SHOWING UP" is 80% of the $UCCE$$ you will find."

-Richard Gerber

"I am a proud member of the Coral Springs Regional Chamber. It has helped me grow my business. I’ve made wonderful relationships and have thoroughly enjoyed both Leadership Coral Springs and the Business Academy. The Chamber has much added value and great leadership. Our President is always looking at new ways to improve and stimulate our Chamber. She has done a wonderful job implementing these practices!"

- Shirley A Klein
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

"The success of my business is due to my membership and my involvement in the chamber. I couldn't grow my business without it."

- Mike Del Pozo
DP Window Cleaning

"I wanted to compliment the CSR Chamber group for putting on last week’s Check Out the Chamber event.
As a new member, I thought the introduction to the benefits of the chamber was very useful. Irma’s networking presentation was great and I connect with her last week.

Chef Adam’s food was a great touch and I was happy to try to refer business to him last week."

Alfonso Guerra
Guerra Accounting & Consulting

"The chamber has been a huge part of our business. When we started King Moving and Storage, Inc. in 2003, one of the first things we did was join the Chamber. The relationships we have made are priceless. Getting involved and building those relationships is what ultimately grew our business. If you own a business in the regional area of Coral Springs, the Chamber is a must!"

- Wendy King
King Moving and Storage, Inc

"Coral Springs Regional Chamber leadership and staff are very diligent on listening and serving its members to meet their needs."

- Margaret Delmont-Sanchez
JGA Marketing